Moira Lavellan, from Dragon Age: Inquisition

Card Commissions

The Prophecy, for a The Shape of Water charity fanzine called ‘You’ll Never Know’

Enthralled, for a Dishonored themed charity zine called ‘Elsewhere’.

‘They say Tyvia is where the Void meets the Isles.

When the night falls over the sky, a spectacle of lights tries to enthrall the living into the clutches of the Outsider. In Wei-Ghon, following the old ways, people light candles in the snow, so that the light from the earth can guide their eyes away from the Void, lest they fall up into the abyss.

Not everyone succeeds’

Varda, the Star-Kindler, from the Silmarillion

Wonder Woman

Well of Ascension, from the Mistborn book series.

Pathfinder Leah Ryder, from Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Outsider’s Mark, from Dishonored 2

Empress Emily Kaldwin, from Dishonored 2

Iorveth, from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings