The Last Spark (Planet Galátea)

Aferah the Woman, Character Concept (Planet Aferah)

Zhaleh, Character Concept (Planet Aferah)

Sini Zul, Character Concept (Planet Aferah)

Sacred Grounds of Aferah (with Zhaleh)

Aferah (Planet Aferah)

Trevus System (Planets, moons, symbols)

The Trevus Lock (Planet Galátea)

Sini Zul (Planet Aferah)

Callisto The Strategist (Planet Galátea)

Syrah (Planet Aferah)

Aferah The Woman (Planet Aferah)

Trevus - Personal Project

Trevus (formerly ‘Project Clover') is a work-in-progress personal project. It’s a blend of Fantasy and Sci-fi, and it revolves around very different people, the four worlds they live in, and the ancient mysteries that tie them together.

Personal Project